GM AIR (Double diaphragm pumps)

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GM Air,  Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps that displace a set volume of fluid with each stroke. Being air operated they are safe to use in explosive or flammable environments. The dry run capability of an air pump makes this ideal when operated by unskilled or semi skilled labour or in locations that are difficult to monitor. Air pumps are easy to automate and one can install remote controls cheaply.

GM AIR competes with Yamada, Aro, Wilden, Blagdon, Sandpiper, and other brands
GM AIR (air operated double diaphragm pumps)


GM AIR simple motor design competes with wilden, aro, graco husky, blagdon, sandpiper and yamada
GM AIR air motor design detail
Air pump motor competes with sandpiper, wilden, yamada, blagdon, aro and others
GM AIR motor components for stall free, lubrication free, trouble free operation

Strip the air motor assembly to service without having to strip the pump.

GM AIR double diaphragm pumps are so simple to repair, productivity increases and downtime is almost non existent. Operators love the GM AIR pumps because they are simple to operate and even easier to service and repair.

GM AIR products are outstanding in delivering higher productivity and lower cost of ownership ratio’s.

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