Seko Motor-Driven Dosing Pumps


Standard, totally enclosed fan cooled electric motor, gearbox driven, chemical metering pumps have changed the face of economical fluid dosing in the larger volume injection sector.

The high quality Seko dosing pump stands head and shoulders above the competition for industrial chemical metering pumps when one has to compare products. The Seko brand stands out as a reliable metering system incorporating this gearbox and motor driven dosing pump concept.

Seko geared motor metering pumps
Seko motor driven metering pumps

Pumps driven by standard TEFC motors in 220, 380 or 525 volts are easily serviced as motors are relatively easy to replace or service making for a popular choice in process plant. Typically pumps of this type are used in process chemical transfer where accurate fluid metering is desired. Spring series SEKO metering pumps can be coupled to variable frequency drives for excellent process control.

In large water treatment plant the SEKO spring series pumps can be controlled via a flow meters and Seko 40 controllers, These larger capacity dosing pumps do not generally fit into the laundry products portfolio where the smaller Seko peristaltic pump series is best selected.

The Seko Spring series is available in both diaphragm and piston pumps which makes for excellent options when considering viscosities, pressures and flows.

Seko Spring Series Pumps are generally ex stock with full spares and service backup.

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