Seko Peristaltic Dosing Pumps

Seko peristaltic pumps (hose or tube pumps) are extremely popular in all spheres of industry. While not exactly a vacuum pump the positive displacement pump action of the peristaltic metering pump results in this self priming pump needing little or no help to draw the fluid into the dosing system. The units find their niche especially in the pumping of liquid soap for the laundry and catering industries where they are often coupled to a process PLC controller. A peristaltic pump is simple to operate and even easier to maintain. The tubing is supplied as a compatible material to the chemical being pumped. As a lab pump the units are ideal, the simple pump action means they can be used as slurry pumps or even sludge pumps in a lab application. Relatively high viscosity fluids are simply conveyed at constant dose delivery.

Seko peristaltic, hose, tube doing pumps
Seko peristaltic chemical metering or dosing pump

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