Truflo DMT

Truflo DMT Series Process Pump

Pump Features

  • Max. Capacity:  110m³/h (484.3gpm)
  • Max. Head:  380m (1,247ft)
  • Temperature: Up to 371°C (with high temperature application option).
  • Material:  DCI, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CD4M, CN7M, Hastelloy B&C
  • Investment casting impeller and guide vane for high performance.

Pump Applications

  • Boiler Feed
  • High Pressure

Pump Models & Specifications

Pump Model Nozzle Size Max. Speed Max. Pressure Max. Capacity 
DMT 2″x1.5″ 2″x1.5″ 3500rpm  561.3psi  88gpm
DMT 2.5″x2″ 2.5″x2″ 3500rpm  516.3psi  176gpm
DMT 3″x2.5″ 3″x2.5″ 3500rpm  442.3psi  308gpm
DMT 4″x3″ 4″x3″ 3500rpm 484gpm

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