Davey Self Priming Water Pump

Davey Self Priming Water Pumps are engine-driven pumps with outstanding performance in high-pressure and high-head applications. Davey engine-driven pumps are available in single stage models for versatile flow rates, and in twin stage models for very high pressure applications. They have a suction lift of six meters (or more depending on model), and each Davey engine-driven pump comes with multiple discharge ports for easy installation. Davey’s patented impeller design makes their engine-driven water pumps highly efficient, even when pumping gritty water, reduces engine wear, and allows for easier maintenance.

Davey’s range of motor-driven pumps was developed in Australia for use in firefighting, water transfer, waste water removal, agricultural spraying, sheep jetting and deep well pumping. Made from corrosion resistance grade aluminum, the pumps have a polyester-coated interior for added protection against corrosion.

For more information on indivudual models that are avaliable, see the pump models listed below, or e-mail sales@gmpumps.co.za

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