Ebara self priming water pumps

GM Pumps provides a series of Ebara self-priming pumps for water called the AGA-AGC. These Ebara pumps are CI pumps (cast iron pumps) designed in Europe. They use a centrifugal pumping action to pump water

The Ebara pumps we sell are perfect for use as domestic water pumps, with many applications from water pressure boosting to garden irrigation. Any moving of clean water can be easily achieved by these great water pumps. They are, however, not suitable for use as sewerage pumps or industrial pumps.

Using a bronze or ceramic impeller, these centrifugal pumps are self-priming, so you never have to worry about priming any of your AGA-AGC Ebara pumps.

They are also available in a ‘G’ version, that is perfect for use in the garden. Due to a useful handle, socket and 1.5m cable, you can easily move your AGA-AGC pump around as needed, eliminating the need for multiple water pumps to be installed.

If you are interested in Ebara pumps, or water pumps in general, do not hesitate to e-mail sales@gmpumpsa.com or phone 082 6519841.

Ebara Self Priming Pump AGA-AGC
Ebara Self Priming Pump AGA-AGC

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