Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are generally defined as pumps that are able to operate submerged in the fluid being pumped. In a home environment this is usually a sewage transfer station taking the raw sewage from the home premises and transferring that to a municipal main line or even to a small treatment plant on further from the house. Submersible pumps are normally not required to generate any form of vacuum in order to be primed as they are already submerged in the tank in which they will operate. From a security point of view, out of sight is out of mind and certainly a pump set outside the sump with a large electrical installation attracts far more attention than a manhole cover under which the pump unit is submerged in the fluid. For the garden or office block submersible pumps certainly remove the necessity to disguise a large pump arrangement or something that requires a major paint and plaster disguise.

Our range of submersible pumps come directly from the Pedrollo, Zenit and Leader brand ranges which are all primarily targeted at domestic or small industrial and municipal water,  effluent or sewage transfer. Water pumps which are submersible pumps are simple to installal and operate provided a few basic precautions and fundamental pump and electrical related procedures are followed.

Submersible pumps must be connected to the correct power source. Check the unit prior to installing the electrical switch gear. Electrical submersible pumps are rated according to their voltage, kW and normal maximum operating amps. Many failures are due to incorrect overload protection being installed. For example a Pedrollo Top Vortex has a normal maximum amperage of only 2amps, it is pointless the electrical installing a 16 amp overload switch. That will never protect the electric submersible pump. Pond pumps and sump pumps must be correctly protected.

Submersible pumps are used in wells to pump water for domestic or irrigation purposes. FInd the correct pump for your application by knowing what the highest point will be above water level which we call the pump head, and the flow rate you require to be delivered to the end point. This is called the Q/H curve and one simply ensures that when ordering submersible pumps, the pump is capable of delivering water to that highest head and the flow at that point is as per your requirement.

An electric submersible pump make an ideal utility pump, pond pumps and general water pumps providing pressure and flow as desired provided the original buying instruction contains all the correct parameters. (Head, Flow per minute and voltage)

A utility pump is the hardest pump to specify because very often this type of pump will be specified when buying at lets say a 10 meter head. However when the utility pump is used by a different operator, the unit may only pump a 2 meter head, resulting in the pump overloading and damaging the motor. It is always best to advise the supplier when ordering of the potential variables so that he is able to design the correct adapter for your application which will protect the motor regardless of head being pumped.

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