Pedrollo Submersible Pumps

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Pedrollo water pumps in the submersible pumps catagory are extremely popular in domestic (home) and industrial applications as well as for office developments and in the garden. Online shopping for a Pedrollo pump is simply accomplished on this site, however it is not always easy to provide fully comprehensive detail for your specific application without addressing your unique application. Please consider calling our offices for technical and installation advise before purchasing a submersible pump unit.

A pool is certainly considered a home improvement, however the common mistake made by the home owner is not to fully understand the finer details of the installation, the need for a small pump sump at the lowest part of the tank, sump or pool/pond. Security is another issue and the correct installation of the electrical protection for the pump unit so that it provides a long service life.

While water is the most common fluid one will need a submersible Pedrollo pump for, the range is also equipped to transfer raw sewage or even industrial effluent. Submersible pumps are not to be regarded as toys and the installation of these units must be accomplished by qualified persons. Power transmission to the pump must be correctly protected in order to prevent any accidental injury.

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