Pedrollo Submersible Well Borehole Pumps

Pedrollo Submersible Well Borehole Pump 4SR

Pedrollo Submersible Well Borehole Pump 4BLOCK

Pedrollo Pumps manufacture a quality range of submersible (borehole) well pumps for use in wells and boreholes. Submersible pumps for borehole/well pumping, pump water to the surface from varying depths dependent on model and motor selection. Borehole water pumps or submersible pumps, from the Pedrollo pump portfolio are designed for reliable and efficient water supply for home, industry and agriculture. Pedrollo submersible well pumps are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards.

The popular 3 hp submersible pump range is available within the 4SR series of submersible borehole pumps.

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