Pedrollo Water Pressure Booster Pumps

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Pedrollo has changed some of the model numbers that they use to refer to specific water pumps. For a full list click here.

Pedrollo S.p.a is an Italian manufacturer which started operations in 1974. The company has grown over the years to supply an increasing international network of sales and service partners in the domestic and industrial pump sectors. At this time the company has over 80 000 square meters of automated manufacturing, assembly and storage capacity.

Quality control is of utmost importance and the company adheres to strict and sophisticated quality control systems to ensure extremely high and consistent products.

Pedrollo produces well over 2 million pumps per year over a 100 different design versions.

Pedrollo water pump manufacturing facility, Italy.
Pedrollo water pumps head office, Italy.

Responsible Fluid Handling