Pedrollo F Water Pump

Pedrollo F Water Pump

Used for: water supply, cleaning sets, pressure boosting, firefighting sets, irrigation, industrial applications, water circulation in climatisation sets, agricultural applications.
The pumps must be installed in enclosed places, or at least protected against inclement weather.

Pumped liquid: clean water
Use: industrial
Type: surface
Range: centrifugal

Performance range
  • Flow rate up to 6000 l/min (360 m³/h)
  • Head up to 95 m
Application limits
  • Manometric suction lift up to 7 m
  • Liquid temperature between -10 °C and +90 °C
  • Ambient temperature between -10 °C and +40 °C
  • Max. pressure in pump body 10 bar (PN10)
  • Continuous service S1

The PDF below has  more information on these pumps.

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