Water Pressure Controllers And Instruments

Pedrollo water pumps are simply converted into fully automated water delivery systems by the addition of a Pedroll Easypress controller. These water pump controllers enable one to simply turn on a tap and the water is delivered at pressure and volume. Turn the tap off and the pump stops.

Economical and reliable water on demand is achieved by the installation of a Pedrollo single phase (220 volt) water pump Easypress pump controller. see full details

The Steadypress is a high technology inverter drive specifically designed to deliver water at a pressure and flowrate determined by the system demand. The Steadypress saves users by only developing the actual power required to deliver the system demand at any one time. This is achieved by powering the pump hydraulic at at the speed and with the torque necessary only to satisfy the immediate demand, as that increases so the inverter drive responds, as the demand decreases the drive simply slows the system down in response.

Steadypress inverter drive for water pump control
Steady press water pump inverter drives

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